What subscription plans do you offer?

After your free 14 day trial period, in order to continue your access you will be invited to select a plan from our available options.

Our current plans are:


Orders, Expenses, Materials, Contacts & Products
Pricing Guidance
Purchase to Tracking Unit Conversion
Recipe creation (Bill of Materials)
Single User
Connect up to 1 Integrated Sales Channel
Basic Reporting
Expense Attachments
Copy Expenses / Copy Orders
Bulk Materals Importing
Bulk Products Importing
Bulk Expenses Importing
Advanced Invoicing


All features of PRO plus:

Advanced Reporting
Connect up to 3 Integrated Sales Channels
Create up to 2 additional users
Material, Product, Contact Attachments
Consignment Tracking
Multiple Price Points
Bulk Product Updating
Bulk Material Updating


All the features of STUDIO plus: 

Create up to 5 additional users
Connect up to 5 Integrated Sales Channels
Multi-level Components
Material Lot Tracking
Material Bin Numbers
Material and Product Expiry Date Tracking
Auto Manufacturing

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