How We Calculate Your Average Monthly Line Items

Learn more about how we calculate the order limits on your subscription plan.

Each of our plans allows for a specific number of order line items to be imported into Craftybase each month. When you reach the limit, you will be automatically upgraded to the next available plan.

In this article, we'll explain in more detail how we calculate your order line items.

What is an order line item?

An order line item is any unique item in an order. If you have an order for 3 different products, this would be counted as an order line item total of 3.

This count does not take into account the quantities of each item ordered, so in the example above if you have sold 3 of each item, this would still count as an order line item total of 3.

Only orders imported via one of our available sales channel integrations are counted as part of this tally.

How is my average monthly order line item count tallied?

Your average monthly order line items are calculated daily; this is done by dividing the last three months of order line item data by 3 and rounding down.


On April 12th, our calculations will run and determine that you have a total order line item count of 731. (This total was collected from January 12th - April 12th). On April 12th, your Average Monthly Line Items will be calculated as 731/3= 243.

In the month of May, you have an increase in sales. So from February 12th - May 12th, the order line item count is now 968. Using the same formula, 968/3= 322.

When the average order line item count for an account hits 80% of the usage of the current plan, you will get an email alert letting you know.

If your plan limit is reached, the account will automatically be upgraded to the next available plan with a sufficient order line item limit.

Using the same example above, let's say you were subscribed to our Studio plan, and your subscription renews monthly on the 18th of each month.

Since your average was recalculated to be 322 on the 12th, you will be alerted before your subscription renews that you are being upgraded to the Indie plan starting the next billing cycle.

If at any point you'd like to downgrade your plan, you can do so as long as your daily order line item count is lower than your current plan's threshold.

Need more help?

If you would like more information or have questions about how these calculations work, you can contact our support team at any time.

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