How do I track Lot Numbers for my materials?

lot number is an identification number assigned to a particular quantity or lot of material from a single manufacturer. This can be either a code provided to you by the vendor of the material, or can be of your own creation. Lot numbers are useful for GMP and CSPC compliance as they can provide traceability between your material purchases and the products you sell.

The following diagram shows an overview of how traceability can be achieved using lot numbers in conjunction with manufacture batch records:

Lot numbers can be entered whenever a new batch of materials are purchased. This can be achieved via the Add Expense Item form. In the example below, the Lot Number for this purchase of a single jar of Coconut Oil is 23432DP:

Lot numbers can then be added as part of the manufacture process for each material used. This then provides a direct link between your purchase history and your manufacture history. Continuing the example above, the Coconut Oil material is added to the manufacture for a soap product with the Lot Number of 23432DP to indicate that this particular batch was used in this manufacture:

Finally, order line items can be associated with manufactures, which provides your link between manufactures and orders (see  How do I link a manufacture with an order line item? for more details on this process).

The  Material Traceability Report can then be used to create a full traceability summary of material usage, displaying all expenses, manufactures and orders that have involved a particular lot of a material.

Lot Number tracking is available in our INDIE plan.

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