How does the Auto Manufacture feature work?

The Auto Manufacture feature allows you to automate the creation of your manufactures, based on the orders you receive. It is useful for situations where products:

1. Are not created in advance as a batch and

2. Contain materials that do not change between manufactures.

A simple example of a good candidate for auto-manufacture would be a charm bracelet where the customer can select their desired charm from a list of available options. Since the finished product is only created when the order is received, and only involves a small amount of configuration then this would be ideal for auto manufacturing.

Auto Manufactures can be  switched on for specific products or for all products in your account

If Auto Manufacture is turned on and a recipe exists for the product, all new orders will automatically have a linked manufacture created for the exact sales amount of the order for the product / variation. 

If you have Auto Manufactures switched on for a product without a recipe, but your variations have recipes, then all new orders for the variations will automatically have a linked manufacture created for the exact sales amount of the order for the variation.

If the order is cancelled, the Auto Manufacture that was generated will need to be  manually deleted as it will not be removed automatically.

Auto Manufactures will manufacture regardless of the stock level of the product or variation sold.

Note: A  recipe needs to exist for the product or variation to auto manufacture. If the recipe is not present, you will see "No" next to the Auto Manufacture heading and the Auto Manufacture will be skipped. Updating the product or variation with a recipe at a later point will not re-trigger the manufacture: in this case the manufacture needs to be added manually. 

Components can also be set to be automanufactured as part of a product manufacture. This can be handy when utilising components for bundles/sets.

This feature is available in our INDIE and above plans.

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