About purchase ETAs

Track your incoming material shipments via our Purchase ETA feature.

Purchase ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival) allow you to track your material shipments, showing you materials that are overdue or expected to arrive. ETAs can be added on either the add or edit purchase form and is an optional field.

Purchase ETAs are available in our INDIE+ plans.

We'll Cover:

How ETAs are calculated

If a purchase order is not marked as received and the ETA date has passed, the PO will be flagged as overdue and an icon will appear next to the date of the purchase in the list or detail view.

Hovering over the overdue icon will display how long the purchase is overdue by.

Marking the purchase as received will remove the overdue flag.

How to configure Purchase ETAs

To use the ETA feature, you'll need to configure this as part of your account settings:

  1. Go to your Account Settings
  2. Select the checkbox titled Track ETAs for Purchases?
  3. Click the Save button.

How to set a Purchase ETA

Once you have configured your account for Purchase ETAs, you can set individual ETAs on your purchases.

To set a purchase ETA:

  1. Add or Edit a Purchase
  2. Scroll to the Additional Details section
  3. In the box called "Estimated Arrival Date", select a date from the chooser
  4. Save the Purchase

Understanding the Purchase ETA filter options

There are two options available on the Purchases list filter that can be used to locate overdue and expected purchases by ETA:

Received Status

This filter can be used to generate a list of purchases that are received, partially received and not received. Using this filter in conjunction with the ETA filter will create a list of overdue purchases (see below for instructions)


this filter option can be used to generate a list of purchases based on their estimated time of arrival. The options available are Past Due Date, Before Due Date, and No Due Date.

Generating a list of overdue purchases

To create a list of all material purchases that are overdue:

  1. Navigate to your Purchases list page
  2. Click the Received Status filter section and select the Not Received option
  3. Next, click the ETA filter section and select the Past Due Date option.
  4. Click the Filter button to display the results.
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