About manufacture production statuses

Learn how to set a status for your manufacture so you can schedule and track your product batches.

Manufactures have a Production Status that can be set to indicate the particular stage that the manufacture is up to in your production process.

Production statuses displaying on the manufacture list view

Production Statuses

Not Started and Work In Progress statuses are available on Business and above subscription plans.

There are three statuses available to be set for a manufacture:

Not Started: This is the default status when a manufacture is manually created. This means that the manufacture has been requested but has not yet been actioned. No material or product stock changes will occur when a manufacture in this status, and costing will appear as "-".

Work In Progress: This is the status that can be used to denote that the manufacture is currently being produced. Again, no material or product stock changes occur as part of this status.

Completed: This status indicates that the manufacture has completed. Auto-manufactures will be set to this status when created. When a manufacture is changed to Completed then stock changes are actioned, using the Completed Date set on the form. Costings will calculate and appear for the manufacture at this point.

A manufacture cannot be moved back to a previous status from Completed and will be presented in a locked state. If changes need to be made to a Manufacture that is in Completed mode, then the manufacture will need to be deleted and recreated.

By default, the Completed Date will be set to today's date, however this can be set to a different date if required.

Material list views

Your material list will display differently depending on the current production status of the manufacture.

Whilst in Not Started and Work In Progress statuses, your material will show as a "picklist" style view. For each material, this will show as quantities required and available: giving you an indication if you have enough raw material stock to complete the manufacture.

View of materials when a manufacture is not completed.

When a manufacture moves to Completed, the material list view will change to one that indicates what materials have been used and their calculated cost.

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