Which reports are available?

Craftybase currently has the following reports available:

General Reports

Sales & Expenditure Report

Profit and Loss *

Schedule C Guidance *

Material Reports

Material Reorder Report

Material Inventory Worksheet

Material Valuation Summary

Material Adjustments Summary *

Material Traceability Summary **

Product Reports

Product Inventory Worksheet

Product Stock Report

Product Adjustment Report *

Most Popular Products *

Top Revenue Generators *

Product Pricelist *

Product Location Report **


Orders by Category

Orders Summary *

Orders Margin Report *

Taxable Status Summary *

Orders by Customer Location *

Orders by Channel *


Expenses by Category


Manufacture Summary

Manufacture Picklist *

Order Manufacture Picklist Report*


Customers by Revenue Report

Customers by Frequency Report


On all plans unless indicated otherwise.

* STUDIO and above

** INDIE and above

Exporting Report Data

All reports are available in two download formats: PDF and CSV. The PDF is designed to be a printer friendly view of your report page, whilst the CSV is a raw data download suitable for opening in a spreadsheet program for further analysis.

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