About order manufacture picklist reports

The Order Manufacture Picklist Report shows the current and projected stock levels for all materials required to produce all products for a specified order. This report is useful for checking how many products can be made and fulfilled for the order using the current stock available and also allows you to make better purchasing decisions.

How to find this report:

Navigate to the Reports area, then click on the Order Manufacture Picklist report under the Orders heading.

To run this report:

Select the order you wish to view by typing the ID into the Order # box. 

Report Breakdown:

SKU: The SKU for the material required.

Name: The name for the material required.

Before Available: The total quantity available of the material before the amounts required for this order are made.

Required: The total quantity available of the material required to make all quantities of product specified in the order.

After Remaining: The total quantity available of the material after all products have been made. This calculation assumes that all products will be made from materials as a result of the order (i.e. it does not factor in current product stock levels).

This report can be downloaded as a print-friendly PDF or as a CSV for further analysis in a spreadsheet.

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