About Material Reorder reports

The Material Reorder report is a snapshot report that lists all active materials either out of stock or marked as having low stock. This report is useful for creating a quick list of all materials you need to reorder. You can also filter this list to only return materials for a specific vendor.

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How to find this report:

  1. Navigate to your Reports page

  2. Click the Material Reorder Report under the Materials heading. 

To run this report:

  1. If you would like to filter your results by a preferred vendor, select it from the Preferred Vendor box. If you leave this field blank, materials from all preferred vendors will be returned.
  2. Select your Stock Status option: Out of Stock will return only materials that have a quantity of zero (or negative), while Low Stock will return materials that are marked as under their low stock threshold.
  3. Click the Run Report button to generate the results.

Report Breakdown:

Code This is your unique code for the Material.
Name Your name for the Material
Unit Price The currently set unit price for the Material.
Quantity Available This is the current quantity you have on hand for this Material. When the Out of Stock filter is applied, it will either be 0 or a negative number if you need to reconcile missing historical expenses. If the Low Stock filter is applied, it will be a positive number.
Quantity On Order This is a count of any purchases marked as not yet received for this material. 
Preferred Vendor This is your current preferred vendor for the material (this can be changed on your edit material page)
Vendor Reorder Code It will appear here if you have added a vendor code for this material.

This report can be downloaded as a print-friendly PDF or a CSV in a spreadsheet for further analysis.

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