About Orders by Channel reports

The Orders by Channel Report shows a breakdown of all orders placed within the specified time period by originating integration.

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How to find this report:

  1. Navigate to your Reports page

  2. Click the Orders by Channel under the Orders heading.

To run this report:

  1. Select the date range you wish to view from the Date Range boxes
  2. Click the Run Report button.

The chart visualization shows the relative number of orders from each channel in the selected period.

A table showing the breakdown of the total orders and revenue for each integration will be displayed beneath the chart.

  • Total orders are the number of orders placed within the period.
  • Grand total is calculated as a gross total from all orders placed within the time range and includes tax, shipping charges, and discounts/adjustments applied.

This report can be downloaded as a print-friendly PDF or a CSV in a spreadsheet for further analysis.

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