About Product Stock reports

The Product Stock report shows all products and variations for a specific stock level status. This report is useful for checking which of your products / variations are out of stock and possibly need manufacturing.

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To find this report:

  1. Navigate to your Reports page

  2. Click the Product Stock Report under the Products heading. 

To run this report: 

  1. From the Display options, select if you would like Product or Variation level products to return.
  2. Select the Stock Status to return either products marked as Low Stock or Out of Stock.
  3. Click the Run Report button.

Report breakdown

SKU Unique code for the product
Product Name of the product
On Hand This physical stock level reflects all adjustments up to the present day and accurately represents what is on the shelf.
Available It represents the amount of stock you have available for sale.
Committed This is the total quantity of your unshipped orders for this product.
Shipped This is the total quantity of shipped orders for this product.

This report can be downloaded as a print-friendly PDF or a CSV in a spreadsheet for further analysis.

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