About the Product Pricelist report

The Product Pricelist report shows your current configured price for each product and variations.

We'll cover:

How to find this report:

  1. Navigate to your Reports page

  2. Click the Product Pricelist under the Products heading.

To run this report:

  1. Select the pricing tier you want to apply to the list from the Pricing Tier selection box.
  2. Click the Run Report button.

A list of your products will appear, along with the price associated with each one. If the Default Price pricing tier is selected in the filter, the prices displayed in the Default Price column will be the product or variation default price.

If a pricing tier is selected, the Price Point for this product will be displayed if configured in the Tier Price column. If a Price Point is not configured, this will display as zero. The Default Price column will show the product or variation default price.

This report can be downloaded as a print-friendly PDF or a CSV in a spreadsheet for further analysis.

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