About material traceability reports

The Material Traceability Report lists all manufactures, purchases and orders associated with a particular material and lot number. This report is useful for generating a list of products and manufactures for recalls or quality control purposes.

How to find this report:

Navigate to your  Reports page, then click on the Material Traceability Summary under the Materials heading.

To run this report:

Select the material from the Material search box by typing the first couple of characters of your material's name or SKU then enter in the Lot Number in the box immediately to the right. Once you have completed both fields, click the Run Report button to generate the results. 

This report can be downloaded a print-friendly PDF or a CSV for further analysis in a spreadsheet.

How to interpret the results of this report:

The report will return with 3 headings. Under each heading will be a table with any data matching the material and lot number you have entered in the query.

Purchases: this section will show any purchases of the material in which you have logged the matching lot number. This shows you your originating purchase for the batch.

Manufactures: this section shows all manufactures in which you have used this material AND have also logged the Lot Number specified in the search. This shows you your manufacture history for the batch.

Orders: this section shows all orders linked to any of the manufactures found in the Manufactures section above. This essentially shows you a list of all orders which contain the material with the specified lot number.

This report is only available in our INDIE plans.

Read our blog post here for more details on how traceability is important for your small manufacturing business.

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