About material valuation reports

The Material Valuation Report shows you the value of your material stock on hand on the first and last date of a selected date range. This report can be helpful for calculating your on hand material value at the end of a financial year.

How to find this report:

Navigate to your  Reports page, then click on the Material Valuation Summary under the Materials heading. 

To run this report:

Select the date range from the Date Range boxes, then click the Run Report button.

The report will appear with a Starting and Ending Value for each of your material categories (explained in more detail below), along with a grand total of material value for all categories, your unsold stock value and finally the grandtotal of all materials.

Category Breakdown

Starting Value: This is the sum of actual unit prices for all Starting Quantity Adjustments plus all Material Inventory Adjustments created up to the first date in the date range selected. This will include all Manufactures and Expenses related to Materials within the period selected.

Note: If you have any starting inventory adjustments, these don't have a date associated so are always assumed to be the starting inventory no matter how far back in the date range you go. If you want to have these adjustments appear only within a specific date range, what you'll need to do is find and set these starting adjustments to zero and then create a material expense instead to account for the increase in stock.

Ending Value: This is the sum of all Material Starting Quantity Adjustments plus all Material Inventory Adjustments created up to the last date in the date range selected. It uses the same calculation as the Starting Value (outlined above).


Material Value: This is the total of all raw material value on the starting and ending dates, including any uncategorised stock.

Unsold Product Value: This is the total of all finished products currently held in stock. Stock leaves your material asset totals when shipped (not when sold), so a proportion of your finished product total may be sold but still unshipped.

Total Value: This is the sum of your Material Value and Unsold Product Value.

This report can be downloaded a print-friendly PDF or a CSV for further analysis in a spreadsheet.

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