How does Prorating Work?

Prorating is applied to your subscription only when you change subscription plans and differs on which payment method you use. You will see a message summarising the way we will calculate your next billing cycle before you choose to switch your plan. If you have any questions before you switch, please feel free to get in touch.

Lets say your subscription date for your Pro plan is the 1st and you upgrade to Studio on the 10th. We will calculate the time left on your Pro subscription and convert this to a monetary value, for this example it will be $10.15. We then calculate how much time you will be on the new Studio plan until the 1st of next month which for this example will be $13.54. On the first of next month your invoice will be as follows:

Studio subscription $19.99
Unused previous month Pro subscription -$10.54
Used previous month Studio subscription $13.54
Total $22.99

Your subscription date will remain the same (1st of each month) and the following invoices will be $19.99 (provided you don't change plans mid subscription).

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