Exporting products

How to take your products outside of Craftybase

We'll Cover:

To export your product data:

  1. Go to your Products list page.
  2. In the table pagination area, click the link labeled Export.
  3. After clicking Export, click the bell icon on the upper right-hand side of the screen. This will access your notifications tab, which will provide a link to download the CSV file.
  4. Wait for the file to download, then open the file in your spreadsheet program to edit.

If you would like to export specific data only, you can use the Filter Menu options on the left side of the page. Once you have made your selections, select Filter, and only the data from the selected categories will be displayed. From there, you can go ahead and export as explained above.


The export file contains the following fields:

ID The ID of the product
SKU The SKU of the product
Title The title of the product
category The category of the product
state The state (Archived, Active) of the product
stock_on_hand The calculated quantity of stock on hand for this product
stock_committed The calculated quantity of stock committed for this product
stock_available The calculated quantity of stock available for this product 
stock_shipped The calculated quantity of shipped stock for this product
manufactures_count The total quantity manufactured
stock_sold The total amount sold
base_sale_cost The material cost to produce one unit of this product
base_unit_price The default unit price for the product
auto_manufacture If the product is set to auto-manufacture itself when an order is imported/created
measurement_type The unit of measurement for the unit of product
sale_quantity The quantity committed and fulfilled when a sale is made
quantity_low_stock_limit The low stock limit for the product
starting_quantity The quantity available on your account start date
starting_material_unit_cost The unit cost for all quantities available of this product on your account start date
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