How are Square orders imported into Craftybase?

Our Square integration will import all sales that have been created as Orders in Square (Square POS and Square Online).

Invoices are not imported at this time.

Any transactions that do not contain itemised line items will not be imported. This includes most 3rd party payments from unsupported sales channels.

We apply the following logic depending on the current state we find on the Order:

Square Order State Imported to Craftybase? Marked as Paid? Marked as Shipped? Notes
OPEN No - - Orders marked as OPEN will not be imported as these can still be modified outside of Craftybase so won't sync when imported
COMPLETED Yes Yes No This status is when the Order has been sent to the customer. It does not indicate if the order has been physically shipped.
CANCELED Yes Yes No When an Order is imported with this status, it will be automatically cancelled in Craftybase.
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