How are Square Variants imported into Craftybase?

Square Item Variants (otherwise known as "Price Points") are imported into Craftybase as Variation Attributes

As Square allows for only one attribute per product, your variation attributes will be imported with a default label of "Variant" (this can be changed by you after the import to a label that better represents the attributes).

For the example above created on Square, the Product would be imported as "Cats Skirt" and a Variation Attribute of "Variant" would be created with 3 values: 0-1 years, 1-2 years and 2-3 years.

From here, you can  edit your Variation Attribute to change the label to better represent the group of values. For the example above, you could rename Variant to Size. (Note: this will not update your label on Square, it will only be used within Craftybase to describe the Square variant)

Square Item Modifiers are not imported as variation attributes - instead they will be added to the notes section of any orders that have the modifier applied.

More information about Square Variants can be found in the Square documentation article:  Item Variants or Price Points

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