Merging products

Products can be merged to provide a unified view. This is particularly useful for situations where you sell the same product on two different integrations.

Merging products you don't consider the same product is not recommended. Doing this will affect your costings and inventory level tracking as inventory history will be affected. If you wish to remove products you no longer make, it is strongly recommended that you archive rather than merge to ensure your references and costings are stored correctly.

In this article we'll cover:

How to merge two products

To merge two products:

  1. Navigate to your product page.

  1. Hover your mouse over the ⋮ menu to the left of the name of the product you wish to merge out (this is the one that will be removed).

  1. Select the  Merge with… button in the options that appear.

  1. On the merge page, select the product you wish to merge into (this will be the one that is kept)

  1. Click the Yes, Merge Product button to confirm the change (this may take a couple of minutes to complete, depending on the number of expenses and orders involved in the merge).

Tip: The Merge with... option can also be found in the product options on your product list page.

If this product is linked to an integration, your listings will also be moved to the new product, so any sales or fees you import from this point will now be automatically associated with the new product.

Merging products will move across all expenses, manufactures, and orders attached to the merged product. Recipes will not be moved and must be created manually after the merge (if needed).

When orders from the merged product are moved to the new product, the order line items will become linked to the new product and display the new name within any previous orders.

If your merged product has a recipe, a message will appear on the confirm merge page to indicate this. If you continue with the merge and leave the recipe in place, the merged product will not be deleted but archived for future reference.

Adjustments made on the merged product will be moved to the new product. However, any Starting Adjustments will be ignored and will not be added to the new product - any changes to starting adjustments will need to be made manually after the merge is completed.

Undo a product merge.

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to undo a product merge due to the complexity of this action. If you feel you have merged two products by mistake, you'll want to first recreate the second product by following the instructions here: How do I add a new product?

Next, you'll want to move the listing across to the new product - this will automatically move any expenses and orders linked to the product. How do I move a listing to a new product?

From here, you'll want to review and move any manufacturers or manual adjustments if you have these in place for either product.

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