How do I cancel an Order?

To cancel an order:

1. Go to your Order detail page for the order you wish to cancel

2. On the page that appears, click the ‎ menu next to the title and select the Cancel Order option from the menu that appears

4. On the cancel confirmation page, double check that the recredit amounts are correct.

5. Enter the date for the cancellation and a short reason for the cancelled order.

6. Click the Cancel button to confirm the cancellation and action the recredit back to your product stock.

Cancelled orders will still appear in your order lists, however they will be greyed out and marked as cancelled.

For information on how to handle cancelled Etsy orders, please see this help article:

How do I handle cancelled Etsy orders?

If you wish to permanently remove this order from the system instead, follow the instructions in this help article:

How do I delete an order?

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