Sales channel troubleshooting

Learn more about how to solve issues with your sales channel connections.

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Why are some of my products not importing?

If you cannot locate one or more of your listings from an import, this may be due to your products having either identical SKUs and/or titles.

The initial import will attempt to find an existing product with the same SKU and/or title and in this case will associate the listing with this product automatically. To check that this is the case, navigate to your Product (How to I find my product details page?) and then select the Listing tab. Here you can view all listings associated with the current product. From there, if you find your listing and you wish to move it from this product to a different one, you can follow the process outlined here:  How do I move a Listing to a new Product?

If you cannot find the listing this way, then you can use the search bar on your  Listings page. Enter the Listing ID via the search box on the right hand side of the page and click search. This should return the listing you are attempting to locate.

If you still cannot locate your Listing, please feel free to  get in touch with our support team and we will investigate this further for you. If you can provide Listing IDs for your missing items this will help us locate it faster for you.

Why are some of my orders not importing?

If you find some orders have not imported from your sales channel, the first thing to do is to see if it was a error with a prior import. You can see your full import status list by following the instructions below:

1. Go to your sales channels page within your settings.

2. Select the sales channel you are missing orders for 

3. Click on the Imports tab 

4. You will see a list of all imports. From here you can scroll through to see if any have a Failed status 

5. If you see a failed import, you can run another manual import to see if it fixes the issue by following the steps here: 

Can I manually import from a sales channel?

Why isn't my current stock level being imported into Craftybase?

Since we don't know how you wish to account for your historical stock increases, we don't automatically calculate your current stock on hand from information on any external sales channel. This means you will find on first imports that some of your products will have negative quantities. 

This essentially shows you how much you'll need to increase your stock by in order to account for your previous historical sales of each product. How you account for the historical stock depends on a few factors: for more information on how to approach your starting inventory, please see our ebook here: Getting Started with Craftybase.

I have duplicate products after importing

Once you have initially imported from your connected sales channels, the next step is to merge together your products so that you only have one representing each of your products. 

This only needs to be done once: the merge process will move across all external references, so the next time you do an import the system will know which Craftybase product to link your orders and fees to.

My sales channel token is revoked. What should I do?

Most of the sales channels will only authorize an integration for so long, and when that authorization expires Craftybase will not be able to fetch information. To fix this, you will need to reauthorize the token.

If you go into your sales channels, you might see something like this.

If you click on the name of your shop, you can see the connection status.

All you need to do is click on "Reauthorize," and your sales channel will become active again. 

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