What is a Manufacture?

Manufactures are for tracking the creation of your products. This mechanism increases your product stock while decreasing the inventory of raw materials you have used in the production process. 

Manufactures can be created for a Product or Variation. The Recipe for the Product (if it exists) will be used to automatically populate the material usage list for the manufacture, however you can configure this manually each time if you wish.

Manufactures create Inventory Adjustments to record  the change in quantities and manufacture costs.

You can manufacture in different sized batches to your sale quantities, which can be useful if you are a batch manufacturer (i.e. produce products in large batches like soap).

The time taken to produce the manufacture can also be recorded and is tallied as part of your internal labor costs.

Manufactures can be created manually, or automatically from the sales you create via the Auto Manufacture feature.

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