Add or remove a recipe

Learn how to add, make changes, or remove a recipe for products, variations, or components in Craftybase.

After you've created a product, variation, or component, you can add a recipe at any time. If you need to make changes to a recipe, you can edit or remove it. 

To get started, sign in to your Craftybase account and click Products in the main menu. If you're adding or removing a recipe for a component, click Components.

What We'll Cover:

Add a recipe

To add a new recipe:

  1. Choose a product or component from the list. 

    If you're adding or removing a recipe for a variation of your product, choose Variation in the Display section on the sidebar.

  2. In the Recipe section, click to add a new recipe.
  3. Enter how many of this product you can make in a batch and the estimated time it takes to create this batch.
  4. Add the materials for your recipe using one of the following:
    • Add Material: Search for existing materials or add a new material and quantity.
    • Copy Recipe From: Search for a product or variation attributes, and copy its recipe.
  5. Add any notes to your recipe if needed. Then, click Save Recipe.

Edit a recipe

To make changes to a recipe:

  1. Click in the main menu and choose Recipes.
  2. Open the recipe and click Edit.
  3. Make changes to the recipe and click Save Recipe.

If you edit a recipe for a product with one or more manufactures, the changes won't affect any existing manufacture material costs. To recalculate your material costs for existing manufactures, remove the manufactures. When you re-add them, Craftybase calculates your material costs based on the revised recipe.

Remove a recipe

To remove a recipe:

  1. Click on the main menu and choose Recipes.
  2. Open the recipe and click Edit.
  3. Click Remove Recipe.
  4. Click Yes, Remove Recipe to confirm.

When you remove a recipe, this will remove any pricing guidance information for your product. It won't impact how Craftybase calculates your inventory.

If you add a variation to a product, the materials in the product's recipe are automatically copied to the variation's recipe.

Still need help?

If you need help adding or removing a recipe, contact Craftybase support for help.

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