About account settings

Learn how to configure your Craftybase account settings.

When you first sign up for a Craftybase account, you'll be given an opportunity to set your email address, name, country, and base currency. If you need to change any of these settings after this point, instructions to do so are in this article.

Find your account settings page

To find your account settings page:

1. Hover your mouse over the "slider" icon in the top right hand menu

2. Select the Account Settings option from the menu that appears

Setting your base currency

Your base currency is what all prices and costs will be automatically displayed in. If you connect one or more sales channels and if any of these are in a currency that is different from your base currency, then an automatic currency conversion will be applied to orders.

As an example, if your Shopify account is in CAD and your Craftybase account is in USD then all sales from Shopify will be converted into USD using the relevant rate on the date that the order was placed.

Craftybase only supports a single currency per account. A list of currencies we currently support can be found here: Supported currencies

If you have expenses that are not in your base currency, you should convert these at the historical daily rate that the expense was accrued. You can find historical currency rates here if required: XE Historical Currency Rates

You can only set your base currency when you first sign up. If you’ve made a mistake and would like to change your currency, please check our list of supported currencies to ensure that we can accommodate this. If so, please contact us and we’ll be happy to change it for you.

If you have already connected sales channels to your account the importer has already automatically converted all amounts into your selected currency on your behalf, so all imported data needs to be removed before the currency switch occurs. This can be done automatically by removing your sales channel connection.

Please be aware that if you have existing manually entered data, these amounts will not be converted to the new currency automatically – you will need to manually update these and convert them yourself.

Setting your hourly work rate

Your hourly work rate is an estimate of how much it costs you in internal labor per hour when you make any of your products. It is used in conjunction with your recipe and manufacture times to calculate an estimate of your internal labor costs. Learn more about how Craftybase calculates internal labor costs here.

To change your hourly work rate:

1. Navigate to your Account Settings page.

2. Scroll down to the Internal Labor section and enter the new Internal Labor Rate.

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