About manufactures

Learn how material and product stock levels change when you create a manufacture.

A manufacture is a record of the creation of your products, variations, or components. If you make a product, or a batch of products to sell, you'll want to create a Manufacture.

When you create a manufacture, any materials you have included in the material list will decrease your on-hand material stock. Your available product stock will also increase at the same time, based on the quantity you have indicated that you have made. 

You can create a manufacture before or after a customer places an order, whichever fits your business workflow.

Making batches

When you add a recipe to a product, the manufacture will automatically use the material list from the recipe. This can be handy if you make the same products over and over.

If you need to size up or down a manufacture (for example: a batch of 12 soaps instead of a batch of 6, or for a half batch 0.5 instead of 1), you can increase or decrease the manufacture quantity of your manufacture.


If you're on an eligible plan, you can turn on Auto Manufacture to automatically create manufactures for your products, variations, or components when an order comes in. This saves you time and effort if you make products or variations that often use the same materials in every manufacture, or when utilizing components for product bundles or sets. 

Internal labor costs

If you need to factor in your internal labor costs, you can enter the total number of minutes it takes to create a manufacture. Craftybase calculates and provides pricing guidance based on these costs, so you'll always earn a profit.

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