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Square is a mobile payment company offering business software, point-of-sale (POS) systems, payment hardware products, and small business services.

Our Square ➝ Craftybase integration allows you to import your products and orders from this platform to ensure that your inventory levels are always automatically factoring in sales from this source.

Connect to Square

To connect your Craftybase account with Square, you'll want to follow the instructions in our guide here: Connect your Square Integration.

It is recommended that you always create your products on Square where possible and then import them to create as products in Craftybase. This means that your external references will be correct from the start, and you will not need to do any merging between your manually created products and imported ones.

Alternatively, it is possible to create your products on Craftybase first if this works best for you. Once your product is created on Square, you should import it to create the new one in Craftybase. This will create two versions of your product, as the importer will not yet know about your manually created product. 

From here, you will need to merge the two products so that all orders and purchases are under the correct product. After that point, all imports will know to associate new sales and expenses with the correct product, so this will be a one-time task.

Square Items

Square Items will be imported as both Products and Listings in Craftybase. More details on the rules we apply can be found here: How does Craftybase import products from my Integrations?

If your Square Item already exists in Craftybase from a prior import and you have made changes on Square since the import, you'll notice that no details will be changed on the linked product. Your product can be linked to many different listings across different Integrations.

Square Orders

Once you have your connection in place, the Square integration will import all sales that have been created as Orders in Square (Square POS and Square Online).
It's important to note that Invoices are not imported at this time.
Any transactions that do not contain itemized line items will not be imported. This includes most 3rd party payments from unsupported integrations.
We apply the following logic depending on the current state we find on the Order:
Square Order State
Imported to Craftybase?
Marked as Paid?
Marked as Shipped?
Orders that have this status can be fulfilled, and payment can be processed.
This status is when the Order has been sent to the customer. It does not indicate if the order has been physically shipped.
When an Order is imported with this status, it will be automatically canceled in Craftybase.
DRAFT No No No This status is when orders are created within a system before they are finalized and processed as actual sales.


If shipping has been charged to the customer, it will appear in your order totals. 

Square Variants

Square Item Variants (otherwise known as "Price Points") are imported into Craftybase as Variation Attributes

As Square allows for only one attribute per product, your variation attributes will be imported with a default label of "Variant" (this can be changed by you after the import to a label that better represents the attributes).

For the example above created on Square, the Product would be imported as "Cats Skirt," and a Variation Attribute of "Variant" would be created with 3 values: 0-1 years, 1-2 years, and 2-3 years.

From here, you can edit your Variation Attribute to change the label to represent the group of values better. For the example above, you could rename Variant to Size. (Note: this will not update your label on Square, it will only be used within Craftybase to describe the Square variant)

Square Item Modifiers are not imported as variation attributes. Instead, they will be added to the notes section of any orders that have the modifier applied.

More information about Square Variants can be found in the Square documentation article: Item Variants or Price Points

Square Modifiers

Craftybase will import Square Modifiers as notes on each Order Line Item imported from Square but will not create these as variations in their own right. It is recommended to instead use Square Variants to track your variations as these will be automatically converted and tracked as Craftybase Variations.

Square Fees

Square fees are imported automatically during the shop import process alongside your orders. The importer checks for any generated fees within the specified date range.
A list of the fees we currently handle is as follows:
  • Square Processing Fees: These are fees directly related to processing a sale via Square and are thus directly related to the Order in which the sale is listed. These fees are imported into Craftybase as a  Commissions & Fees expense line item.
  • Shipping Fees: We currently do not import any fees relating to shipping (i.e. shipping carrier costs) at this time.

Custom Amounts

With Square, you can either create an order using the items in your Square store or charge the customer an amount directly without any items. This is registered in Square as a Custom Sale Amount and will appear when imported in Craftybase as an order line item linked to a Custom Amount product.
Orders processed via a third-party site (such as BigCommerce) will also be imported as Custom Amount items, as this is recorded within Square.
If you want to associate the  Custom Amount order line item with a different product within Craftybase, you can do this via the Edit Order form. In the search box for the product where  Custom Amount is displayed, search and select the product you would like to associate the order with and then save the order. Detailed steps can be found in our help article: How do I associate an order item with a different product?
If your order quantities or unit costs need to be changed, you can either create a new product with a different sales quantity or, alternatively, you can copy the order to make it editable and then delete the imported version.

Square Tips

Craftybase removes any Tip Amounts applied to orders before importing the order from Square. 

Square Variable Pricing

Products with variable pricing set up in Square will be imported with a base price of 0.

Exporting to Square from Craftybase

Our automatic integrations support only one way importing into Craftybase, however, if you have your product list already structured in Craftybase, you could consider using our product export feature to generate your product list into CSV and then use Square's import feature to move the products into Square. Details about the Square CSV importing can be found here:

Square Help - Import Items Online

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