Can I manually import from a Sales Channel?

Yes, if you wish to import data in between automatic updates, or wish to backdate your full history after subscribing you can manually import your data at any point in time. 

To manually import from a Sales Channel:

1. Go to your Sales Channels page (How do I find my Sales Channels page?)

2. Click the  Fetch Now link on the right side of the channel you wish to manually update from.

4. On the import form that appears, select the date range you wish to import. If you are doing a full backdate after subscribing, choose the date you first opened your shop here to ensure all past data is imported into Craftybase. 

Note: If you are on a trial account, you will only be able to import a maximum of 6 months of data via this page.

5. Click the  Import Data button to start the import process.

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