About products

How products work in Craftybase.

A product is any item that you make out of materials to sell to a customer. Products group together your variations, expenses, orders and manufactures so that you can see at a glance your inventory, revenue, expenses and thus see your true profitability. 

Products can either be manually created, imported in bulk, or imported automatically via a sales channel integration.

Product stock can be increased by adding manufactures, and decreased by adding orders.

Add or import products

We recommend connecting one or more of our available sales channel integrations to import your products automatically. If you do not sell via these channels, you can also add products manually or import them in bulk.

For a step-by-step walkthrough on how to add a product manually, please see Introduction to Products

Sale quantities

Sales quantities are useful for situations where you always sell more than one item together. Sales quantities can be set for products ( How do I change the sale quantity for a product?), however, they cannot be configured for individual variations.

If you always sell in single quantities you can ignore this field and keep this as the default of 1.

Example: Sally always sells her soaps in packs of 4. A sale therefore will always decrease her inventory on hand by 4. By configuring her product to have a Sale Quantity of 4, Craftybase will know to automatically decrease her inventory on hand by 4 each time.

Default sale price

The default sales price is the amount you usually sell this product for. This price is set automatically for you from your initial sales channel import, however can be changed manually at any time by editing the product. 

Your default sales price also appears on your pricing guidance, showing you your real-time profitability and margins.

Low stock limits

You can set a low stock limit for each product. This will then set the product stock level as "low stock" when your current stock levels fall under this amount. You can create lists of your low-stock products, so you can see which ones you need to manufacture next. 

As an example, if I set my product to have a Low Stock Limit of 10, if my stock level falls to 8 then the product will be marked as "low stock".

To set the low stock limit for a product:

  1. Go to your edit product page (How do I edit a product?)
  2. On the form that appears, find the Quantity low stock limit and enter the number you wish to set
  3. Click the Save button to apply the changes.

Product states

The  State selection box has three available options: Active, Draft and Archived. 

Active is the default setting for products and is the one you should choose if you wish to add this product to your product list. If this is a product you aren't ready to sell quite yet you can set this as "Draft" to separate it from the rest of your products. This can be a good option to use when working on a new prototype product for example. "Archived" is for products that you have previously sold and no longer make - marking a product as Archived removes it from most views and searches around Craftybase, although it can still be found via a filter search on your products page.

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