How does Craftybase import from PayPal?

When you connect your PayPal sales channel, Craftybase will import PayPal Invoices raised within PayPal, including PayPal Here.

Please note: Craftybase does not import general PayPal transactions, sales made via unsupported sales channels, PayPal transaction fees, shipping charges or purchases made via PayPal.

Once your PayPal sales channel is connected, Craftybase will automatically check for updates daily at 5am in your local time zone. You can also choose to import between these updates manually - instructions on how to do this can be found here: 

Can I manually import from a Sales Channel?

For further details on exactly how we import from PayPal, please see:  

How does Craftybase import my PayPal Invoices?

How does Craftybase import my PayPal Here sales?

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