About product starting stock levels

Learn how to set your product's starting stock levels

Starting stock levels can be set via your product's starting adjustment. This tells Craftybase how much of the product you had on hand on your account start date.

Any stock changes made via manufactures and orders will be added or deducted from this initial tally in order to calculate your real-time inventory stock on hand. Read more about product stock management in Craftybase

Starting adjustments can be set in bulk via a CSV file upload or manually per individual product.

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Updating your starting inventory in bulk

Step 1: Confirm your Inventory Start Date

Your Inventory Start Date is the date you are tracking your stock levels from in Craftybase. Your product starting inventory stock and costs will be set on this date, with any stock changes made after this date deducted or added to this initial stock tally.

We recommend setting your start date to as close to the current date as possible to minimize backdating stock and historical stock calculations. Read more →

Step 2: Connect your Integrations

Ensure you have all of your integrations connected so that all products are in place in Craftybase.

Read more about our integrations →

Step 3: Review and Merge Duplicate Products

Now, you'll want to review all imported products and ensure that you have a single record in Craftybase for each product. If you find a duplicate, you'll want to merge them together.

We'll attempt to merge products for you automatically. However, you may need to merge if we cannot locate a match manually. Read more →

Step 4: Generate your Product CSV

Next, we will be generating a CSV file of all imported products.

A CSV file is a "comma separated values file" that can be opened in any spreadsheet program.

Generate your Product CSV

Step 5: Download your Product CSV

Navigate to your Notifications area and download the CSV file that will appear in the list (depending on the size of your product list, this can take a couple of minutes to appear)

Download your Product CSV

Step 6: Update your Product CSV

Open the CSV in your spreadsheet program. For each product row, modify the Starting Quantity and Starting Material Unit Cost columns to reflect the amount of stock on hand and the material value on your Inventory Start Date above.

Now, save the file in CSV format once again so you can import it into Craftybase.

We've included columns in the export for current stock on hand on your connected integrations; this allows you to easily reference your starting product inventory numbers based on the data from your stores by including additional columns that show the current stock quantities for each of your integrated e-commerce platforms. Based on the stores you have connected, our product export file will include additional fields such as:

  • shopify_stock_qty
  • etsy_stock_qty

If you want to use these as your starting stock directly you can map directly to this column in the import steps below, or you can use these amounts to calculate the value to include in the "starting_quantity" field.

Don't forget stock you have currently stored elsewhere, such as in warehouses, consignment stores or other storage areas. Read more →

Step 7: Import your CSV file into Craftybase

You'll now import your updated product CSV into Craftybase and "map" the starting quantity and starting material unit cost columns to let Craftybase know to update these from your spreadsheet.

Import your CSV File

Once the import has completed successfully, it's a good idea to review your product list again to ensure that your stock levels are correct. If you need further assistance with this process, feel free to contact the support team.

Updating starting adjustments per product

Although we recommend the bulk process above for starting adjustments, it is also possible to modify a starting adjustment directly at the product level.

To edit the starting adjustment for a product:

  1. Navigate to your product page
  2. Click the Adjustments tab

  3. On the page that appears, click the icon next to the Starting entry.

  4. On the form that appears, modify the details for the adjustment
  5. Click the Save button

You can learn more about how to set or change a starting adjustment for a product here.

For more information about how to handle backdating of product stock, please see our Inventory Bootcamp eBook.

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