What is a non-inventoriable material?

A non-inventoriable material is any material that is not directly involved in the production of your products. 

Unlike inventoriable materials, they don't hold a cost value in the system and are not included in any manufacture or cost of goods sold calculations.

They do not have inventory capabilities and cannot have inventory adjustments. Purchases of non-inventoriable materials can be logged via Material Expenses and are in this case treated as a non-material expense and not included in your cost of goods sold calculations. Creating expenses for non-inventoriable materials do not increase stock. 

Non-inventoriable materials are added in the same way as inventoriable materials via the Add Material Form. To mark a material as non-inventoriable, ensure that the Inventoriable checkbox is unchecked on the form before saving:

Once a material has been added as a non-inventoriable, it cannot be changed to inventoriable.

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