About inventoriable materials

Inventoriable materials 

Inventoriable materials hold a quantity and value that increases and decreases based on stock changes.

  • Enter a purchase → Total inventory value increases
  • Create a manufacture → Total inventory value decreases

To set your material as inventoriable, select the Inventoriable checkbox on your Add Material form. This setting cannot be changed after your material is created.

On the Materials page, you can see how many inventoriable materials you have on hand as well as how many are on order. (How do I find my materials page?)

This is calculated from all purchases associated with any specific material that is currently not marked as received. You can read more here: Handling Materials Not Yet Received.

Non-inventoriable materials 

If you have items you would like to track that aren't directly used in your manufactures (such as tools or equipment), you can set these as non-inventoriable materials.

Unlike inventoriable materials, they don't hold a cost value in the system nor are included in any manufacture or cost of goods sold calculations.

They do not have inventory capabilities and cannot have inventory adjustments. Purchases of non-inventoriable materials can be logged via purchases and are in this case treated as a non-material purchase and not included in your cost of goods sold calculations.

Creating expenses for non-inventoriable materials does not increase stock. 

Non-inventoriable materials can be added in the same way as inventoriable materials. To mark a material as non-inventoriable, ensure that the Inventoriable checkbox is unchecked on the form before saving:

Once a material has been added as a non-inventoriable, it cannot be changed to inventoriable. You will need to delete the material and re-add it instead.

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