About material information

Learn about the different information to provide when you add a material in Craftybase.

When you add materials to Craftybase, you'll provide information that will manage stock levels and calculate material costs when creating manufactures or products.

Material information

Material Name Enter the name of the material
Stock Keeping unit (SKU) Provide an optional code, so it's easy to search and identify the material
Material Image Attach an image of the material
Inventoriable The material is consumed to create a product
Tracking unit Unit of measurement used to measure this material
Purchase Unit
Unit of measurement used when purchasing this material
Purchase to tracking unit conversion Convert your purchase unit to your tracking unit when increasing material stock
Low stock limit Amount that indicates you're running out of material stock
Starting quantity Quantity of stock on hand
Average actual cost unit Cost of the material, including shipping fees and discounts, if any

Optional information

BIN location
The location where you store this material
Create a new material category or add the material to an existing category
The material is active or archived
Last stocktake
Date when the material was included in a stocktake.
Preferred vendor
Vendor where you frequently purchase the material
Vendor code
Optional reference code to identify a preferred vendor
A description of the material

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