Material stock management

Learn how to manage your material stock levels in Craftybase

For detailed guidance on handling the initial backdating of your product and material stock, please download and read our Inventory Bootcamp eBook.

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Material stock levels

Material stock levels in Craftybase are calculated using a "perpetual" method. This means that your stock levels are constantly retallied using the information you provide, giving you access to your real-time stock levels. 

Your starting adjustment, all purchases, manufactures, and adjustments are used to calculate your present-day stock at hand level.

Increasing Material Stock

Material stock can be increased by adding purchases of new materials. Alternatively, initial material stock can be increased via Starting Adjustments (see Backdating your material stock for details on how to account for initial amounts).

TIP: Using Inventory Adjustments to increase your stock on hand is not recommended as it will cost zero. This method should only be used for starting adjustments or when materials are gifted to your business.

Decreasing Material Stock

Material stock is decreased whenever a Manufacture is added containing the material. The manufacture will immediately decrease the stock on hand for your material based on the amounts you have configured for the manufacture.

Recipes can be created to list your material usage per product or variation you make. A recipe will be automatically applied to any manufacture you create, and it is useful when you make the same products repeatedly.

Inventory Adjustments can be used for this if your material count is reduced due to loss or breakage. They can be categorized in the same manner as product adjustments.

Material Counts

Material counts are expressed as both Purchased and On Hand.

Purchased is the total number of units purchased.

On Hand is the physical stock level representing all adjustments up to the present day and should represent exactly what is on the shelf. If your historical adjustments are incorrect, this value can be negative. 

If the material is non-inventoriable, the stock is not tracked, and both counts will display as N/A.

Out-of-stock materials

Materials will be marked as "out of stock" when the On Hand tally is zero (or below).

Finding your out-of-stock materials

To find your out-of-stock materials:

  1. Go to your Materials List page.

  2. Select Out of Stock under the Stock State heading on the right-hand side filter menu.
  3. Click the Filter button to apply the selected option to your list.

Alternatively, you can use the Material Reorder Report to generate a printable/exportable list of all materials currently out of stock or marked as having low stock.

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