How do I set my account start date?

Your account start date is the date you wish to begin tracking your inventory in Craftybase. All stock changes prior to this date are thus not recorded and your stock levels and costings on this date should be represented as starting adjustments.

For example, if I choose the 1 Jan 2020 as my account start date I would not enter any orders prior to this date. If I had stock on hand on 1 Jan, I will need to record this as a starting adjustment for each product and material.

Your optimal account start date depends on how you have previously tracked your inventory and claimed your material usage, however in general you'll want to aim to backdate as little as possible. Our Quickstart eBook will guide you through the process of selecting your account start date: Quickstart eBook

You can change your account start date at any time via your Account Settings page (How do I find my account settings page?). 

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