Set your Craftybase account start date

Learn how to set your Craftybase account start date to when you want to begin tracking your inventory.

Your Craftybase inventory start date, also known as your account start date, is when you want to begin tracking your inventory. 

Set your account start date to either the date you signed up for your Craftybase account or the start of the current month to minimize initial data entry. Learn more about how to backdate in Craftybase ยป


  • Your account start date is automatically set to when you signed up for your Craftybase account.
  • Stock levels and costings made on your account start date are the starting adjustments for any materials or products added to your inventory.
  • Don't record stock changes made before your account date.
  • If you add orders placed before your account start date, you will see an error message. To remove the error, remove the order

Change your account start date

To change your account start date:

  1. Hover your mouse over in the top right hand menu and choose Account Settings.
  2. Use the calendar picker in Inventory Start Date to choose your account start date.
  3. Click Save Details.

Get help

If you need more help with setting your account start date, contact Craftybase Support for help.

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