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Learn how to enter your sales into Craftybase

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An order is any group of products you sell to a customer on a single date. You can add as many items as you like to each order or create one order per item you sell – it’s up to you.

Each order has a unique code – this is automatically generated as an incremented number by default. Still, you can change this to match whatever system you use for your orders and invoicing.

When an order is created for a product, your Available stock level will be decreased by the amount sold.

Adding or importing orders

Your orders can be automatically imported daily via one of our supported integrations, or you can add sales manually.

For a detailed tutorial on manually adding an order, please see our Introduction to Orders.

Viewing an order

To view an order:

  1. Go to your Orders List page by clicking the Orders tab across the top.

  2. A list will appear with your Orders. Click on the order code link to navigate to your order details page.

Order items

An Order Item is any Product you add to an Order as a line item.

An Order Item’s sale price and quantity sold are configured per Order, with discounts, tax, and shipping amounts added as part of the Order. These totals are then proportioned to each order item in the order so that profitability totals can be calculated.

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