What are Materials?

Materials are the raw ingredients that you use to make your products. There are two types of materials that can be created within Craftybase: Inventoriable and Non-Inventoriable

If a material marked as Inventoriable, this tells the system that this is a material that is consumed in the production of your products and should thus be included in your Inventory totals and also your Cost of Goods Sold calculations. Inventoriable materials hold stock levels and unit costs. 

Non-Inventoriable materials can also be created, however they are not able to be tracked by cost or by stock level. If you wish to keep records of equipment or tools not related to the production of your products, then Non-Inventoriable materials are useful for this purpose.

Material stock can be increased by adding purchases of new materials via the material expenses process. Alternatively, initial material stock can be increased via Starting Adjustments. Material stock is decreased whenever a Manufacture is added containing the material. The manufacture will immediately decrease the stock on hand for your material based on the amounts you have configured for the manufacture.

Materials can be imported from a spreadsheet or can be added manually.

For a detailed step-by-step tutorial on adding materials, please see our Introduction to Materials
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