How does Craftybase import from Etsy?

Craftybase utilities the Etsy API to read and import data directly from Etsy's servers. 

Once you have connected your Etsy account to Craftybase, we will schedule an automatic update for 5am each day. You can also update your data at any time before the next update via a manual update.

Your first import will, by default, attempt to download all data from your Account Start Date.

Note: Regardless of the date range selected, Craftybase will import all listings found on Etsy and create these as projects as they are required for linking to past and future orders / fees. If you do not wish to track some of these products, you can archive these and they will be removed from most views and reports. 

We request only the minimum of access that we require in order to offer our service and can only access data that you have granted us access to. We request only "read only" access to your Etsy account, meaning that we have no ability to change your data from our side. Additionally, our access to your data can be revoked by you at any time.

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