About Imported Etsy Fees

Etsy fees are optionally imported via our Etsy sales channel integration. The importer checks for any fees that have been generated within the date range specified.

For a rundown on all Etsy fees and what they mean, see The Complete Guide to Etsy Fees.

There are many different Etsy charges that we import, and Craftybase handles them all slightly differently.

A list of the fees we currently handle is as follows:

Etsy Listing Fees

These are fees that are directly related to the addition and maintenance of listings on Etsy. These fees are thus treated as Advertising type costs and are imported categorized as a  Commissions and Fees purchase line item.

  • Listing Fee
  • Listing Qty Increase Fee
  • Active Listing Renewal Fee
  • Active Listing Auto Renewal Fee
  • Sold Listing Renewal Fee
  • Sold Listing Auto Renewal Fee
  • Expired Listing Renewal Fee
  • Expired Listing Auto Renewal Fee
  • Private Listing Seller Fee
  • Listing Qty Increase Fee

Etsy Transaction Fees

These are fees directly related to the sale of your item on Etsy. These fees are imported as a  Commissions and Fees purchase line item.

  • Seller Fee for Sold Item(s)
  • Wholesale Transaction Fee
  • Shipping Transaction Fee
  • Gift Wrap Fee
  • Square In Person "Quicksale" Fees

Etsy Advertising Fees

These fees are when you purchase category highlight advertising, search ads or the old Alchemy type advertising spaces. These fees are imported into Craftybase categorized as an Advertising purchase line item.

  • Category Showcase Advertising Fee
  • Showcase Advertising Fee
  • Alchemy Advertising Fee
  • Seller fee for Search Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Targeted / Promoted Offers
  • Google Shopping Ads

Credits for advertising are not imported as this is recorded in your internal Etsy ledger and is not associated with a specific purchase.

Shipping Labels

This is a fee relating to the purchase of a shipping label generated through Etsy. These fees are imported categorized as a Postage purchase line item.

  • Shipping Label Fee
  • Shipping Label Insurance / Shipping Label Coverage
  • Shipping Label Adjustment
  • Shipping Label Adjustment Taxes

Direct Checkout Fees

Craftybase imports Direct Checkout payment fees associated with all Orders imported from Etsy. These fees are categorized as a Commissions and Fees purchase line item.

Pattern Fees

  • Pattern Domain Name Registration Fee
  • Pattern Subscription Fee
  • Pattern Subscription Tax
  • Pattern WHOIS Domain Privacy Fee
  • Pattern Domain Renewal Fee

Etsy Plus

Credits for Etsy Plus are not imported as this is recorded in your internal Etsy ledger and is not associated with a specific purchase until used.

Wholesale Fees

  • Wholesale Contract Fee
  • Wholesale Setup Fee

These fees are created as a purchase, categorized as a Commissions and Fees line item.

Sales Taxes

Due to new international laws, Etsy as a marketplace is regulated to collect and remit taxes for several countries and some US states. This means that the relevant sales tax will be added to your sale revenue automatically as part of the checkout process. 

Sales Tax: This is incurred when a sale you have made is required to have sales tax paid on it. US marketplace facilitator taxes will be included as part of the taxable amount on each order, and will not be imported as an purchase. 

This tax purchase will also be created if the seller is in Australia to represent GST taken on eligible Etsy orders.  

VAT Tax Fee / VAT Seller Services: This is the tax calculated on any seller service you have purchased directly from Etsy, if this is applicable to your location.

These fees are created as Purchases, categorized as a Taxes and Licenses purchase line item.

Unknown Fees

Any other fees not listed above will be imported as an Unknown Etsy Fee. These can be renamed and categorized manually if need be.

Fees for Refunds

Etsy, unfortunately, doesn't provide details on what refunds are associated with, so we cannot import these at present automatically. We recommend that you review your Etsy refund history and ensure that the correct purchase is edited or removed so that your tallies are correct. 


* For imports with a date range before 31 March 2019, Listing, Transaction, Shipping, and Advertising fee data is retrieved from the old Etsy billing system (Bill Charges). Imports after 31 March 2019 are retrieved from the new Etsy Billing System.

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