About Etsy cancelled orders

As part of the automatic daily imports from your Etsy Integration, we attempt to identify any orders that have been canceled or adjusted within Etsy.

If an order is already adjusted or canceled when it is first imported, it will be imported as adjusted or canceled. If an order is adjusted or canceled after being imported, this will be updated via our daily order status checks.

Etsy does not consider an order that has been returned after the product has been shipped as a "canceled" order - in this case, it will be treated as a refund, and only an adjustment will be applied to the order when it is updated from the channel. From here, you can cancel the entire order in Craftybase via the instructions here: How do I cancel an Order? - this will recredit all stock back to your inventory and assume all revenue is negated via a refund.  Alternatively, if the order is only partially cancelled, then you'll want to copy the order and delete the imported one and edit the order to reflect only the products returned. 

If the cancellation occurred more than a month after the order was placed, this may not be updated automatically via the automatic imports. To rectify this, you can run a manual import for the date range covering the order, and the correct status and adjustment should be automatically applied for you.

To manually cancel an imported Etsy order:

  1. Ensure that the order has been canceled on Etsy's side first. ( How do I cancel a sale on Etsy? )
  2. Navigate to the order you wish to cancel by clicking on the order in your Orders list
  3. Click the Resync button on the order view page (Click on the three-dot menu to the left to where it says "Order #", and then "Resync" in the menu list).
  4. This will query Etsy for the order status and automatically mark it as cancelled.
  5. Alternatively, you can cancel your order via the manual Cancel Order process instead:  How do I cancel an Order?

For partial refunds of an Etsy order, see  How do I partially refund items from an Etsy order?

If payment was made via PayPal, you will need to refund the order via PayPal first.   (Refunding an Order via PayPal)

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