How does Craftybase import products from my sales channels?

When your products are initially imported from the external sales channel, we will automatically create a listing in Craftybase for each one. This contains the unique external references that we will use for future importing of sales and expenses.

Along with this, we will attempt to find an existing product with the same title. If an exact match on the title is found, we will automatically merge the listing with the existing product.

Example: I already have a product in Craftybase with the name "Blue Hat". A new listing is imported with the name "Blue Hat", so the newly imported listing is associated with the existing product automatically.

If no titles match the listing, a new product will be created for the listing.

The listing's unique external reference ID is always used to determine where to associate future expenses and orders. This allows you to move listings between products to create the structure you need for your inventory.

If your product already exists in Craftybase from a prior import and you have made changes on the external channel since the import, you'll notice that no details will be changed on the linked product. This is because your product can be linked to many different listings across different sales channels so is not directly updatable from a single sales channel source.

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