How do I track my products on consignment?

The Consignment feature is used to track inventory sold from consignment locations. Consignments are typically used in order to transfer product inventory to third party sellers.

Locations are used in order to contain details about your consignment locations.

Transfers are used to move stock to an external location and to return stock to your Main warehouse. When a transfer is created, the stock is allocated to the location and is removed from your Available stock inventory totals. 

The total stock allocated to external locations can be found via the Locations tab on your product and variation detail pages.

When a consignee sells stock, an order for the location should be created containing the sold stock. This will decrease the available stock on hand and also increase the sold count for the location.

While consigned, your product stock is still considered part of your inventory totals. Your product inventory stock is decreased only when sold from the external location.

Note: Consignment features are only available in our Studio and Indie plans.

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