Add, edit, or cancel a transfer

Learn how to add, change, and cancel transfers of your stock

Transfers allow you to move stock between your home inventory and an external location (i.e., for consignment situations).

Read more about how consignment works in Craftybase here.

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Add a transfer

To add a Transfer:

  1. Open the  menu in the top menu bar and select the Transfers option that appears

  2. On the page that appears, click the Add Stock Transfer button on the right-hand side.
  3. On the form, select the Locations you wish to move the stock From and To. Your From location will be where the stock is taken from, whilst your To location will be where the stock is moved into. Note: New locations can be added from this form by clicking the + icon inside the search box for each.

  4. Next, list the products you would like to transfer by searching and selecting the products and variations from the search box.

Note: It is not possible to create new products via this process. To add new lines to the transfer, click the Add Product button.

  1. Select the Transfer Date - this is the date that you wish your stock to be moved to the location.
  2. Create a unique code for the Transfer. An automatically generated code will be created for you; however, you can change this if you wish.
  3. Add any Notes about the Transfer if required, and then click the Save Transfer button to activate the transfer and trigger the stock calculations.

Edit a transfer

To edit a Transfer:

  1. Open the ⋮ menu in the top menu bar and select the Transfers option that appear

  2. On the list view that appears, hover your mouse over the vertical ellipsis and select Edit Transfer in the menu.

Cancel a transfer

  1. To delete a transfer, you first want to navigate to your Transfers page and find the transfer you wish to delete.
  2. Then click on the three-dot menu next to the transfer and select Cancel Transfer.

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