What are multi-level components?

For a detailed tutorial on Components, please see our  Introduction to Components

The Multi-level component feature allows the creation more than one level deep of components. This means that your component can have a recipe that uses another component.

Multi-level components are useful if your workflow involves several steps to create your final product, or if you would like to use both components and product bundling at the same time.

You can automate the manufactures for components via the Auto Manufacture Components feature if necessary ( How do I set a component to auto-manufacture itself?).

Some examples of multi-level components using bundling are:

1. You make buttercream which is used in a cupcake product, which can then be combined into different cupcake bundles.

2. You make felt, which is then used to create a pincushion, which is then combined into different product bundles.

Some examples of multi-level components that do not use bundling are:

2. You make your own butter, which is then included into buttercream and then used to ultimately create a cake.

3. You make chocolate. Your raw cocoa beans are processed into roasted cocoa beans, crushed into nibs and then combined with milk and sugar. These sub-processes can be tracked via multi-level components.

This feature is available in our INDIE and above plans.

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