Add, edit or remove a component

Learn how to add, make changes, or remove a component.

Craftybase lets you add components as you need to provide flexibility on your manufacturing process. If you need to make changes to a component, you can either edit or remove it.

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Add a component

To create a Component:

1. Click the Components tab in the top menu bar

2. Click the Add Component button on the right hand side of the page that appears

3. Complete the details for the component on the form that appears, then click the Save Component button.

component material will also be created automatically  – this is the material that will be increased in stock whenever you make this component.

Edit a component

To edit a Component:

1. Click the Components tab in the top menu bar

2. Click the component name in the list of components that appear

3. Click the Edit Component button on the right hand side of the page

4. Make changes in the form that appears

5. Click the Save Component button.

Tip: you can also navigate straight to your edit component form via the ⋮ quick menu that appears to the left of the component name in the list view.

The instructions above will only allow editing of the component itself. To edit a component material, follow the instructions here: How do I edit a material?

Delete a component

To delete a component:

  1. Navigate to the component detail page (How do I find a component page?)
  2. Hover your mouse over the vertical ellipsis (⋮) to the left of the component's name
  3. Select Delete from the list of menu options that appear.
  4. After selecting Delete, you should see this screen:

  5. If you see the screen below, you will need to delete any associated manufactures or recipes before you will be able to delete your component.

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