What is a product?

In Craftybase, a product refers to any item that you sell directly to a customer. 

Products group together your variations, expenses, orders and manufactures so that you can see at a glance your inventory, revenue, expenses and thus your true profitability. 

Products can either be manually created, or imported automatically via a  sales channel integration.

Multiple orders and expenses over time can be linked to your product as can as information about your manufactures and more. You can add as many product as you like, and archive them for future reference when you stop selling them.

If you are a baker, you might create a product called “Iced Three Tier Sponge Wedding Cake”. If you create jewelery, an example of a Product could be a “Red Ruby Necklace”.

Orders of a product can be easily linked to your product whenever you make a sale of the product – this provides you with a running total of revenue made per product. Whenever you add an order for a product, Craftybase will adjust your stock for you.

Manufactures are the way of letting Craftybase when you have made a new amount of this product. When you create new Manufactures, Craftybase will automatically increase your stock and will also calculate how much it cost you to make this batch.

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