Why is my manufacture costed as zero?

Manufacture material costs are tallied using the unit cost of all included materials on the exact date of manufacture. Craftybase does this by calculating the rolling (moving) average for all inventory adjustments up to the manufacture date.

Manufactures will be costed as zero for two reasons: your materials used in the manufacture were out of stock at the time of the manufacture, or your material costs have been calculated from your adjustments as zero.

To rectify this,  review your inventory history for each of the materials in your manufacture to find the cause of the zero value. Fixing the discrepancy will automatically update the manufacture as all costs will be recalculated.

1. Error with a previous purchase price. In the example below, the expense before the manufacture has a unit price of 0.00. This has resulted in the manufacture on the 30 Nov to also have a unit price of 0.00 as it is using up the zero valued stock added on 14 Oct. 

2. Material out of stock: In the example below, the manufacture on the 30 November uses up all stock purchased on the 29 Mar. As there is now no stock available, the Manufacture on the 1 Dec cannot have a unit cost calculated and is thus 0.00. To fix, the missing material stock needs to be added in as either a Purchase or part of the starting adjustment so that the 1 Dec has enough stock to have a cost calculated.

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