Product stock management

Learn how to manage your product stock levels in Craftybase

For detailed guidance on how to handle the initial backdating of your product and material stock, please download and read our Inventory Bootcamp eBook.

Product stock levels in Craftybase are calculated using a perpetual method. Your starting adjustment, along with all manufactures, orders and adjustments are used to calculate your present day stock on hand level.

Starting stock levels

Your initial stock levels for each product are created from your starting adjustments. Starting adjustments represent the stock on your shelf on your account start date.

Increasing product stock

Product stock can be increased by adding manufactures each time you produce a new batch of the made item.

Decreasing product stock

Product stock is decreased each time you create a new order containing the item sold.

Product counts

There are 6 different stock tallies available for your products and variations, all showing slightly different information about your inventory levels. On Hand, Committed, Available and Shipped all appear on the product list page. Made and Sold appear only on your Product detail page.

On Hand: This is the physical stock level representing all adjustments up to present day and should represent exactly what is actually "on your shelf". This includes unshipped orders as these are still technically on hand in stock although not available to sell, and excludes any stock that has been consigned. If your historical adjustments are incorrect, this value can potentially be negative.

Committed: This is the total quantity of your unshipped orders for this product. When an order is marked as shipped, the stock will move from this count to your  Shipped count (more details below).

Available: This is the total of stock on hand with committed stock removed. It represents the amount of stock you have available for sale and excludes any stock that has been consigned. If your current stock committed is more than your current physical stock, this can become a negative number - in this case, it usually indicates that you need to create more manufactures to fulfil any outstanding orders.

Consigned: The quantity of product stock you have transferred to external Locations via Transfers.

Shipped: This is the total quantity of shipped orders of this product. This is essentially your count of fulfilled orders.

Made: This is the total quantity of the product you have produced via entering manufactures. 

Sold: The total quantity of product included in all orders, shipped and unshipped.

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