Is my data secure?

Craftybase is a web-based application - this means that your data is entirely "in the cloud". Being web based offers the most flexibility in terms of you accessing your data anywhere and allows us to continuously improve the features that we offer, but it does mean that you don’t have your data sitting directly on your own machine.

Data ownership

No data entered by you is shared with any third party. Not now. Not ever. We are an entirely independent company with no outside affiliations and we fully intend to stay this way. We have a small trusted support team with only minimal access to account data - we will only view your data if you give us the express permission to do so and only the data we need to help with your issue..

Data backups

All data is stored in multiple locations for failover allowing us to swap systems in the event of an outage. Backups are taken on a hourly basis and stored off site. We also have CSV exports available for almost all of your data that you enter into Craftybase. These exports are all in a format that is readable by most popular spreadsheet programs, so these files can be downloaded and used as an excel backup as often as you like to provide you with further piece of mind.

Physical Server Security

We utilise SAS70 Type II and SSAE16 certified facilities which are protected by round-the-clock surveillance monitoring and biometric locks.


All data in transit between you and us is encrypted and sent using HTTPS. Account passwords are encrypted and not stored in plain text. All data kept in our databases is encrypted at rest including backups which are also stored in an encrypted file server offsite.

Billing and Payment Data

We do not store any payment details - these are handled by our payment providers (Stripe and PayPal) who both offer fully PCI compliant systems.

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