What is a Variation?

For a detailed tutorial, please see our  Introduction to Variations »

A Variation is a way of tracking small differences of a product, such as size or color.

Variations are created from combinations of Variation Attributes and can be either manually created or imported automatically.


The Star Sweatshirt product has two configuration options: Size and Colour. In Craftybase, the Variation Attributes would be:

Size: Small | Medium | Large

Colour: Red | Green | Blue

A Variation of the Star Sweatshirt product would be Size: Small | Color: Red

Variations can optionally be linked to Manufactures and Order Line Items. In this way, Variations can track your stock levels, so you can see exactly how many you made and sold of each Variation.

The recommended variation workflow is:

  1. Create your Product
  2. Configure your Product’s Recipe – this will be used as the “base recipe” across all variations.
  3. Create the Variation Attributes (e.g. Size: Small, Medium, Large | Colour: Red, Green, Purple)
  4. Create Variations by adding combinations of Variation Attributes (e.g. Small + Purple)
  5. Create Recipes for your Variations
  6. Add Variations to your Orders and Manufactures
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